About Miss Willow Designs

handmade ceramic pottery perth

Hi there, my name is Lauren Williams and I am the maker behind Miss Willow Designs. I started my business venture in 2016 after a few years of learning about clay turned in to my absolute passion. All of my pieces are created in my small Perth studio aka happy place, and I feel so privileged to do what I love every day.


With a background in commercial Interior Design, I have always had a love for creating. Back in 2014, I went searching for something more fulfilling as my career was rapidly turning more corporate rather than creative. I started a night class on the pottery wheel with Perths great potter, Warrick Palmateer and I haven’t looked back. Well I have, just to giggle at the state of those very first pieces I made - but we all have to start somewhere right?!


I quickly realised that jumping on the pottery wheel took me to a very different place in my mind. All my days stresses left me and it was just me, a ball of clay and my intentions for that clay. At the end of the night when the class had finished I would literally feel my mind stepping back into reality. I know what you’re probably thinking - it all sounds like eccentric mumbo-jumbo but I’m sure that if you’ve ever tried wheel throwing, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.


After a couple of years of creating on the wheel, I began to realise that those around me were forming a real connection with what I was doing. My handmade process was inspiring people to think about their every day moments as opportunities to slow down and connect. Whether that is to connect with the moment itself, connect with themselves and their thoughts or connect with each other and to share the joy in those special occasions.


And that’s where Miss Willow Designs was organically formed.


I am truly honoured by every purchase and can only hope that my creations become sentimental treasures that teach future generations the value of quality.

Lauren xx