The ultimate Spring to-do list for your indoor plants

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I'm so excited that we're over the hump of the Spring equinox which means the days are getting longer and the sun is coming out to play. I can just about smell those long Summer nights spent at the beach with a few beers and fish and chips. But first, Spring. And that's Summers next best thing in my book. 

So as we all start to crawl out of hibernation and start thinking about doing ALL of the things with all of that energy that vitamin D brings you, let's spare a thought for our houseplants who are kinda coming out of their own kind of hibernation. They've got needs too, you guys.

And here's 5 simple steps to help your houseplants thrive this Spring.


They like big pots 

Spring is the time that your plant babies will grow up and spread their wings (aka roots) They'll start to grow new shoots and new roots because, like me, they've basically been slacking off a bit through winter. So, with those new roots, your indoor plants may need more room. Spring is the best time to upgrade those babes from a 3x1 to a 4x2. Not sure if your little one is ready? Look out for these signs:

  • the soil always seems dry and doesn't hold moisture well
  • roots can be seen growing out the bottom of the pot

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Food, food, glorious food

With all of this growing that your plants are about to embark on, they're gonna need some energy to make it through. Unlike humans, your indoor plants generally don't eat much over winter (I wish I could say the same for myself - I've been carb loading over winter for a marathon that I never intend to run 🍞🍝🍕) So do your plants a favour and get some organic fertiliser in them. 

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Spring cleaning 

It's also time to get rid of the dead beats. All of the bits just clinging on and bringing you down. I mean bringing the plants down. The brown and wilted leaves have got to go to give more energy to the ones that want it. Another good spring cleaning tip is to dust the leaves of your houseplants. I know, dusting has got to be the worst household chore ever invented but this kind of dusting serves a greater purpose. It helps your plants breathe! Yep. Plants absorb light through their leaves so if they're covered in dust your plant is going to struggle a little. So let those little guys breathe! 


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate 

Warmer days means your plants are getting thirstier. More regular watering helps to wake them up and to stimulate growth. If you're anything like me, you probably find watering one of the hardest parts about growing indoor plants. There's often a fine line between just enough water and too much water (talk about high maintenance!) so I would highly recommend a soil moisture meter to stop that guesswork! 


Get outside 

Some indoor plants benefit from getting outdoors into some fresh air and some more direct sunlight. Just make sure you move them into the sun gradually so that you don't shock their system! Houseplants are also fairly sensitive to colder nights so it may be best to bring them back inside to go to bed. 

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5 simple steps - that's smaller than any other to-do list I have going at the moment! If you're looking for some new pots to breathe some fresh life into your plant collection, follow the links below. 


- Lauren -  


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