Movie Night In Essentials

movie night in essentials

Everyone loves a movie night, whether you're cosy-ing up for a date night at home, having a girls night in or grabbing the kids for a family movie marathon, this list of essentials will turn an ordinary movie night into an experience you'll want to make a regular tradition. 

The most important things to get right are the movie choices (obviously), a comfy pillowy dreamy fort in your lounge room, the best movie snacks and of course drinks. 

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Get comfy! 

Clear a space on your lounge room floor and create a pillow fort! I'm talking blankets, throws, pillows and rugs - pull them all out from your beds and linen cupboards. I'd even drag in the camping mattress if you have one. The more the merrier. 

Then pull out some fairy lights from your Christmas stash and sprinkle them around your space because you're going to want to turn off all the other main lights.

And just in case you can't picture this magical pillow fort, I'll just leave this image here for a bit of inspo... 


movie night in pillow fort

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Now food!

The most important part (IMO). Now you've gotta get a good mix of sweet and savoury. Think small snacky things that are easy to grab in the dark and of course have some fun with it. I've chucked together this movie snacks grazing board in about 5 minutes. Click below to watch my step by step video of styling this platter. Honestly the hardest part is not eating it all before you even begin.


Movie night in grazing board


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Stay hydrated


Or not - there's nothing hydrating about a glass of wine but hey that's not why we drink it! Grab a bottle of wine for the date night in, or curate a cocktail list for your girls night movie night. 


Or if it's a cold stormy night you can't go past a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate in a mug that you can wrap your hands around. It goes hand in hand with the cosy chunky knits and the blankety pillowy fort. 


movie night in drinks


Now it's all over to you to select the movies and your company for the night. 

Enjoy x

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