How to slow down your mornings with a handmade cup


Do you know what I think about every time I have my morning coffee?


The person who made the cup and the origin of that handmade cup.


Do you know why I think that is a beautiful thing?


Because never have I rushed through my cup of coffee and thought ‘oh damn where did that go? I didn’t even realise I drank that’.


In other words, I am completely mindful during my morning coffee. My morning ritual is slow and still.


slow morning routines with a handmade cup


First of all, I select a cup according to my mood. I have a collection of cups from all sorts of potters across Australia. I even still have the cup that my best friend secretly bought for me about 15 years ago when she heard me say that I loved it. Sure it’s seen better days but I couldn’t bear to throw it out, it brings me too much joy and takes me back to that shop every time.


And then as I’m enjoying that liquid gold, I notice the little perfect imperfections that come when a human hand has created an object. I notice the details that would’ve taken a little more time and effort from that potter. I feel the texture of the clay, the shape of the form and the delicateness of the details.


slow mindful mornings with a handmade cup


I feel connected. Connected to the potter and connected to the story behind that handmade pottery. Some say the reason for this yearning for connection comes back to the farm-to-table movement. As a community, we are all starting to be more mindful about our impact on the world. We want to know where our food comes from, we want to know that we are supporting our farmers and supporting our local businesses.


slow morning rituals with handmade pottery


But I also feel connected to the moment I am in. I have unknowingly created time and space to be still, to let my mind wander rather than scrambling through the to-do list of the day. The stillness brings perspective to what I am doing and why I am doing it.


Coffee for me is not about the caffeine hit, it is all about the ritual.


- Lauren -


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