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benefits of buying handmade ceramics

So it's probably not going to come as a surprise that as a maker of handmade, I myself love handmade! {crazy} I support and buy handmade whenever I can because I know that feeling of immense pride and elation when someone purchases one of your creations that you have literally poured blood, sweat and tears over. 
Take the humble mug as a perfect example. As a potter, I thoroughly enjoy collecting mugs and tumblers handmade by other potters from around Australia. Every morning I select my mug for my morning coffee/lifeline and I look forward to wrapping my hands around the tactile creation, feeling the warmth in my fingertips. My hands run along the textural contrast where the glaze meets the raw clay and I savour the moment that I take a sip of that liquid gold from a mug bursting with attention to detail. 
As another example - I think we can all agree that a chocolate cake baked by your Mum is going to be a thousand times tastier than any store bought cake. So whats the difference? L .  O . V . E love! Corny, I know. #sorrynotsorry 'cos it's true. But there are so many more reasons why something handcrafted just feels better so I thought I'd talk through what I believe to be some of the benefits to buying handmade. 


When buying handmade you are usually buying direct from the maker which means chances are you've struck up a conversation with them and you may even follow them on social media. Buying locally means you have developed a connection with the maker. 

It's because of this connection that you then form a connection with that piece. Personally, I think about the maker every time I use something that has been handmade. There is a back story to each and every piece. 

If you have ever bought a $2 mug from a department store, did you ever stop to think about who made it or where it came from? I'm guessing not because there is just no connection established. 


benefits of buying handmade pottery mug



When you support your local makers you are supporting your local community. A local maker is usually more likely to spend their hard earned money with other local handmade crafters and then the community support goes around and around in one giant love bubble.  


In general it takes a lot more energy to make mass produced items and they produce a lot more wastage. There's also the environmental impact of things like international shipping. So buying handmade is usually a much more sustainable choice, plus if you shop with certain makers they'll be doing their best to minimise their impact on the environment by recycling wherever they can and eliminating plastic where possible. 


When an actual human is hand crafting each and every piece, they tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. As a potter, I put so much thought into the user experience. Is the rim of the cup the perfect thickness to make it comfortable to take a sip from? Does the inside curve of the bowl follow the perfect alignment so that the cutlery glides across the surface? The attention to detail provides a full sensory experience. 


benefits of buying handmade ceramic platter



If you have a favourite mug then you'll know what I'm talking about here. There is so much joy in finding a piece that you connect with and that makes your world brighter. And what's even better is that because it's handmade, you can be sure that there is no other piece on the planet that is exactly like it. 

Plus, I can guarantee that anything you eat or drink out of your favourite piece is going to taste so much better. And because handmade means quality and is built to last, the piece will become a lifelong treasure and maybe even one day will be passed down to teach the next generation the value of quality. Something that is fairly rare in today's throw away society. 


Let me know your thoughts on handmade and what your favourite treasure is. 


- Lauren - 


Pictured products: Aerial Series Tumbler, Grounded Series Grazing Platter 

Photography by She Shells Photography 

Location Nature Inspired Eco House 

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