3 reasons we need to bring the affogato back

You remember affogatos right? They were on most menus back in the 90's and as I was still a kid, I felt a bit ripped off that I couldn't be a part of the fun. In case you're new to this, an affogato (meaning drowned in Italian) is ice cream quite literally drowned in coffee, and if you were really after a party, you'd add a shot of your fav liqueur. Who wouldn't want to eat ice cream drowned in coffee?!

Lucky for you I have created an indulgent Affogato Experience Pack for you to enjoy this decadent Italian dessert at home, but more on that later.

So whether you were still a kid like me, you were too young to even know what I'm talking about, or if you were the one trialling every combo of ice cream, coffee and liqueur, I think you'd agree that it's about bloody time these made a comeback. Why? Here's 3 reasons why we need affogatos in our life again. 

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All good trends make a comeback 

While some trends should stay buried, [*cough* halter tops and platform shoes *cough*] some should absolutely come full circle. I'm talking about overalls (these should forever remain in fashion), high waisted jeans and ANY dessert that features ice cream and coffee! I mean, I just don't think it's fair that something so amazing would only be shared with one generation. The younger people of this world deserve this indulgence too.


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Minimal effort, maximum pleasure

And who's not about that every now and then!

There's two ingredients to this dessert, Two! And there's a pretty high chance you've already got those ingredients at home. What you don't have is an incredible way to serve them. Click here and you do now (and you're welcome). It's the perfect way to treat yourself on a balmy Summers night after a long week but it's also such an impressive dessert to serve up when you're entertaining. There's no prep, it's served within minutes and you'll have all your friends asking where did you get that cup and jug set.


affogato experience coffee gift

The Italians know what they're doing

Take a margherita pizza as my prime example. 3 toppings. Tomato, basil and mozzarella. You cannot beat it. In my opinion, every pizza should stick to the 3 topping max rule. Lamb, feta and caramelised onion. Prosciutto, pear and rocket for you fancy pants. (brb, just making a pizza)

OK, so I went on a bit of a pizza tangent, BUT my point was trust the Italians. Don't start adding 10 different ingredients, you'll just ruin a good thing.

Ice cream, coffee and optional liqueur. The end. 


To get your own indulgent experience started, or to gift an experience to that person who has everything, shop my Affogato Experience Packs here.


Lauren x

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